Is Magic Real?

Sometimes in my Pagan journey, I have those moments where I question myself.

I think we all get those moments, no matter what ‘religion’ we follow or how skeptical we are normally.

Moments where we go “what the bloody hell am I doing?” while standing in a salt circle, holding a spellbook and chanting words we don’t understand to a deity we’ve only just found online in order to banish negative energy or whatever.

(That’s an extreme exaggeration btw)

Every so often I get this terrible feeling of shame about my spiritual side, because I’ve heard someone poo-poo horoscopes for the 20th time.

Or somebody I love roll their eyes at a Pagan on TV, and part of me agrees with them, and I once again have a crisis over my stupidity.

People have asked me what I believe, what I truly believe is real, in my spirituality, and that knocks me for six sometimes.

Mostly, it’s because I don’t want to seem like I’m insane, believing faeries sprinkle me with moondust at night LIKE SOME KIND OF CRAZY PERSON.

But I also panic because I genuinely don’t think about it that much.

It’s just something I do. I don’t think about whether it’s real or not.

Does it matter if it’s not real?

In my search for answers I found my favourite blog so far in the (Neo-)Pagan community.

“In Atheopaganism, we understand ritual ‘magic’ as the manipulation of consciousness according to desired outcomes: as ‘programming the mind’. It’s not supernatural, and it doesn’t affect things at a distance, but it does have a powerful ability to change our selves: to increase our courage, our focus, our attention to things we find important.”

Via Sigils: Barcodes for your Brain – Atheopaganism

This blog, Atheopaganism, explains it better than I ever could. Science and spiritualism combined, “An Earth-honoring religion rooted in science“, it says.

In my journey, I think I may have finally found the Paganism that suits me, that I connect with.

It’s all about that combining of spiritualism and reality, and the writer, Mark Green, says it best;

“..most outspoken atheists err seriously in their understanding of the function and value of religious practice in building community, inculcating values and gratitude, and otherwise enriching a human life.”

Yes! Exactly.

That’s how I feel when I speak to people who are very anti-religious.

What about the community it fosters? The kindness? The goals it gives us and the rewarding nature of something to live for?

Atheopaganism is possibly a new version of Paganism, and Mark Green iterates that he has contributed extensively to it’s creation. I am very grateful to have found his blog.

So what is Atheopaganism?

‘”Atheopaganism’: a supernatural-free, godless tradition of celebrations, observances, meditations and other meaningful practices, the goal of which is to increase happiness both individually and in society, and to foster the development of a more sustainable, just and kind world.”

THIS is my paganism.

So In answer to the question Is Magic Real?;

Yes and no, and it doesn’t matter really.

What matters is that the things you do affect you consciously and subconsciously and help you towards the end goal you want to achieve.

Find out more at!

Thank you Mark Green. Thanks for reading x

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  1. Thank you so much, Sharnie! I’m glad that Atheopaganism is resonating for you and you’re finding meaning in the material on the blog!

    If you’re interested, we also have a thriving community group on Facebook, which will break 1,000 members any day now:

    I hope you’ll come by and join the conversation!

    1. Thanks for the link, I will join! I just stumbled on your blog recently and that latest post had a quote I couldn’t resist reposting. Keep it up it’s really inspiring for someone new like me 🙂 x

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